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Since 1977 Lubbock Deaf & Texas Terps has been providing the Deaf community and individuals who don't speak English with trustworthy professional interpreting services. Though we're based in Lubbock, TX, our in-person services are available to residents of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. And our online interpreting services are available to anyone with an internet connection.

Rest assured our team of interpreters and sign language experts are highly trained and HIPAA compliant. Over 70% of our interpreters are speaking in their first language, so you can rest assured that your conversation will be understood and correctly translated. We even provide translation services for tribes in Afghanistan and Iran.

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Lubbock Deaf, INC. is an approved contractor for the State of Texas. We are approved to provide services for APS, CPS, TWC, DHHS, DDS, HHSC, Food Stamps, and all other State of Texas agencies.

Are you unsure where to turn next? Lubbock Deaf, INC is here to help. Each person who walks through our doors has a different situation, problem, or need. It is our purpose to fulfill that by counseling, providing information, and referring our Deaf Community members in the direction where they can be most successful. What services do we provide?? That question can only be answered by the person we are currently serving, or person need whom we serve next. The services we provide COMPLETELY depend upon the current needs of the community.

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Lubbock Deaf & Texas Terps in Lubbock, TX is proud to offer services for 320 languages and 16 sign languages from around the world. When you connect with us, you'll be provided a PIN to use when you call in. This PIN will connect you to your account and give you access to all the professional interpreting services you need.

Learn more by visiting our website or calling 806-795-2345. Our translators and sign language experts are available 24/7 to assist you.

The services we offer

Avoid frustration and miscommunication with Lubbock Deaf & Texas Terps in Lubbock, TX. Our professional interpreting services cover:

Video relay interpretation

In-person interpretation

Commercial interpretation

We accept Department of Defense government and state contractors for occasional services. We provide pro bono work and all interpreting services for attorneys and doctors' offices are free in the state of Texas. Donations are accepted.

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